What are your hours?

We open our doors at 11am Monday - Saturday and close when we sell out of our ramen bowls. We are currently serving 150 bowls each day and anticipate that this will bring our closing time to 3-4pm . We close on Sunday and close for dinner.

Why do you serve limited quantities of ramen each day?

We make our noodles from scratch, and because we make them fresh daily, we don't rely on any preservatives. Our soup is also made fresh daily. We have a huge soup kettle that makes our delicious broth. This guy works over 16 hours to extract all the flavours out of the quality ingredients we use, like pork from Broek Acres.

All the time and care that goes into our noodles and soup ensures that we are serving our loyal customers the freshest bowl of ramen we can make. When the soup and noodles are gone, we are gone too.

How do I find out when you run out ramen?

We post on our twitter account daily when we sell out. So make sure you follow us @shikimenya

Do you have any vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free options?

We have a Veggie ramen as a vegetarian option. However, it is not vegan, due to the fact that ramen is an egg-based noodle.

We are currently looking into making our own gluten-free noodles, but currently only our Tonkotsu and Veggie soup stocks are gluten-free.

Do you take reservations?

Unfortunately, due to our small space, we do not take reservations. First come, first serve!

Do you do take-out?

Ramen needs to be eaten as soon as it's prepared. To ensure that we are providing you with the best ramen experience, we do not do take out. Plus, nobody likes soggy noodles.

Are you open holidays?

Yes, we are open on holidays!

What are your method of payments?

Cash or Debit only.

What if I have allergies?

Chili goma, Miso, and the mazemen all contain peanuts. Because so many of our dishes contain peanuts, we cannot guarantee that orders will not come in contact with peanuts.

Our Chili "Ra-Yu" contains Shell fish as does the squid ink garlic which is in the Tonkotsu Black.